The Buddhist Path, known as The Noble Eightfold Path, encompasses practices to cultivate Ethical Living, Wisdom, and Mental Development.

Inspirational Words

I say to you that these teachings of which I have direct knowledge
and which I have made known to you –
these you should thoroughly learn, cultivate, develop, and practice often,
that a virtuous life may be established and may long endure,
for the welfare and happiness of the many,
out of compassion for the world,
for the benefit, wellbeing, and happiness of all beings.

– Parinibbana Sutta

Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm,
even so the wise are not affected by praise or blame.

– Dhammapada

Whatever one thinks and ponders upon frequently becomes the inclination of the mind.

– Dvedhavittaka

In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west;
people create distinctions out of their own minds
and then believe them to be true.

– Buddha (Attributed)

It is astonishing how many people go through life without anyone who truly listens to them. To become one who listens deeply, without judgment, without offering advice, without the need to be anything but fully, consciously present, is to become a great gift to all who cross your path. You might be the first person to actually listen to the human being who is speaking to you. You can, in such moments, change a life. When a life changes, the world changes.
—Allan Lokos, CMC founder and guiding teacher

Conquer the hateful man with love; conquer the cruel man with goodness;
conquer the miser with generosity; conquer the liar with truth.

– Dhammapada

A person may be extremely kind, extremely gentle, extremely peaceful, so long as disagreeable courses of speech do not touch her. But it is when disagreeable courses of speech touch her that it can be understood whether that person is really kind, gentle, and peaceful.

– Majjima Nikaya 21

Knowing that the other person is angry,
one who remains mindful and calm
acts for one’s own best interest
and for the other’s interest, too.

–  Vepacitti Sutta

Cher Blos
Sunday sessions: 10:30 AM–Noon   593 Columbus Ave. (NE corner of 88th)
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10:30 AM–Noon
593 Columbus Ave. (NE corner of 88th)
Note new time: 6:45–7:45 PM
150 West 83rd St. (Columbus–Amsterdam)
Both locations are ADA compliant
No registration required

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