Jennings, Pilar

Pilar Jennings, PhD, is a professor of psychiatry and religion at the Union Theological Seminary and a lecturer at Columbia University. She is also a visiting lecturer at Weill Cornell University School of Medicine in their Integrative Health concentration. Through this program, associated with the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Science, Pilar teaches medical students about mindfulness and psychodynamic techniques to be utilized for their own stress reduction and for their patients’ increased well-being. She is also a psychoanalyst with a focus on the clinical applications of Buddhist meditation; she has been working with patients and their families through the Harlem Family Institute since 2004. Pilar is the author of Mixing Minds: The Power of Relationship in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism, and To Heal a Wounded Heart: The Transformative Power of Buddhism and Psychotherapy in Action.

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