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The Buddha taught out of his own generosity and compassion for all beings. In appreciation, those who received the teachings donated food, clothing, and medicine. That was the beginning of the reciprocal relationship between teachers and students in this tradition.

Today the Community Meditation Center carries on the tradition of dana (generosity). CMC offers the Buddhadharma without charging a fee. To keep our operational expenses to a minimum, we rely on the services of a small team of dedicated volunteers. At each session, there is an opportunity to make a contribution to support CMC and the teachers. This enables CMC to maintain a policy of turning no one away for lack of funds.

CMC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 02-0689711).


Legacy Giving

A charitable bequest to CMC is a simple and profound way to support your Community Meditation Center and ensure its sustainability well into the future.

It is an enduring gift that expresses your values and offers real support for a mindful future. Legacy gifts can be made easily, by making CMC a beneficiary to a retirement plan, life insurance policy, brokerage account, or certificate of deposit. CMC can also be made a beneficiary under a will, trust, or other estate planning device. Please consult your attorney or financial advisor for the best way to fulfill your wishes.

Thank you for your support of CMC.

Alternative Means of Giving

You can make a donation by PayPal below:

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